The HR<br>Equation:

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Author and entrepreneur, Tara Conger, has a passion for helping small businesses grow. Join Tara as she discusses the reality that small businesses are often at a disadvantage when it comes to identifying top talent, offering top-tier benefits, keeping employees satisfied with development opportunities, and providing a safe workplace where they feel heard and prioritized. Because, let’s face it, talent management is overwhelming. Especially to a small business owner lacking a full human resource department who needs (and wants) to spend their time running and growing their business. Tara offers insights into all aspects of the employee lifecycle and solutions that will encourage growth while tackling these small business challenges.

There’s only so much time in the day, so as a business leader, you have to focus on your core functions—on those essential, revenue-producing activities that are necessary to achieve your business’s mission. Think about it this way: If your competitor is spending 50% to 75% of their time on core functions, and you’re putting 75% to 100% of your time toward core functions, you’re going to win every time.

How can you put more time toward core functions? Outsourcing. It’s that simple. If it’s not a core function, get it out of the house.

Professional Support for The HR Equation

Tara Conger

Any business owner knows it’s a war for talent out there, and it’s only going to get harder. Small employers must differentiate themselves to attract (and keep) good people. And, if there’s one thing that’s held true no matter what company I’m helping build, it’s this: A business is all about its people. But when you’re a small company, it’s easy to be at a disadvantage.

That’s where a PEO (or professional employer organizations) comes in.

I wrote this e-book to help business owners, like you, learn a little (ok, hopefully a lot) more about human resources, to decide if a PEO is the right step to take your business to the next level.

Tara Conger
President, Tandem HR
Greg Slamowitz

I’ve run several businesses over the years. I’ve turned small businesses into big businesses, and I’ve helped struggling businesses push through the wall between them and massive growth. There’s one thing that I always come back to: human capital is every business’s most important asset.

That’s something Tara Conger understands, and it’s why her model of HR outsourcing works.

Greg Slamowitz
Investor & Board member, TANDEM HR Former peO owner