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Let’s face it — navigating HR can be a juggling act when your business is experiencing growing pains. You deserve a partner who can meet you at the point of your needs and provide you with the competitive edge to achieve your goals.

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Optimize Your Resources

Access the best talent available while our team of compliance experts guides you along the way.

A True Partner

We fully integrate with your team deliver what matters most to you and your growing business.

9 out of 10

90% of our PEO clients would recommend Tandem HR to other businesses.

5 Employees To 200

It’s Simple. We Scale With You. You Scale New Heights.

At Tandem HR, we evolve as your business needs grow. Whether your business is big or small, you’ll get expert advice from people who care about you, your company and your employees. It’ll feel like we’re right down the hall.

  • Professional Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-Profit
  • Private Equity
  • Technology
  • Healthcare
Professional Services

We Handle HR So You Can Focus on Your Clients

Administrative HR keeps you from doing what matters most – serving your clients. We help you save time that you can use to focus on delivering results to your clients.

“The brokerage team created a comprehensive and rich benefits package that created a competitive insurance solution for my business. The variety of programs to choose from was amazing!”

HR Director | Law Firm
155 Employees
  • Attracting And Retaining Talent
  • Workplace Safety
  • 50/50 Business Liability

Reach New Heights With HR Strategies Built To Scale

Choose the HR solution that evolves with your rapidly changing industry. We work with you to make sure your employees are happy and well trained, so you can focus on building the future of your business.

"We've experienced other PEO service providers and Tandem HR ranks highest with us. Our supervisors are becoming better managers as they help employees through work-related issues and get the training they need to grow. Thanks to Tandem HR, our turnover is lower than ever. They’re a true business partner!"

President | Manufacturing
375 Employees
  • Attracting And Retaining Talent
  • Remote Worker Engagement
  • 50/50 Business Liability

We Work For You So You Can Work For Others

What you do means so much to so many. We’ll handle all your HR responsibilities so you can focus on what’s important, like fundraising, championing worthwhile causes and helping those most in need.

“The senior management team members give me applicable, sound advice when it comes to the gray areas that arise in HR.”

Executive Director | Non-profit
100 Employees
  • Better Employee Benefits
  • Payroll And Tax Compliance
  • Employee Classification
Private Equity

We Go All-In So You Can Focus On The Bottom Line

When you invest, you’re looking for a sure thing in the market. Bottom line is – people are what makes the business successful. Let us help you optimize your people investment.

“There is no ‘cannot do it’ with Tandem HR. They are both professional and proactive. The office visits are extremely helpful and give us the ability to put a face to the extension of our HR team.”

CEO | Consulting Group
80 Employees
  • Payroll Processes Built To Scale
  • Onboarding And Offboarding
  • Headcount/Cost Control For Better ROI

While You Focus On Development, We’ll Develop Custom HR Solutions For You

In the Tech industry, you have a language all your own. And we know that not everyone speaks fluent HR. We’ll handle things like compliance, payroll and benefits so you can focus on what matters to you, like the next big innovation.

“Our company had an ambitious development calendar. Had we not engaged Tandem HR to take on the HR duties for us, we might not have hit our deadlines.”

Technology Industry Leader
50 Employees
  • Sourcing The World’s Best Talent
  • Benefit/ Payroll Administration
  • Foundational HR and Compliance

It’s Time To Get Your HR As Healthy As Your Patients

We’re like a top doc when it comes to helping with your HR needs. We integrate seamlessly with your team so your entire practice has more time to dedicate to your patients and their needs.

“When we present challenging issues to our Tandem HR representatives, they are eager to accept the challenge and offer timely resolutions to our issues.”

Owner | Private Medical Practice
13 Employees
  • Better Employee Benefits
  • Time & Attendance with Scheduling
  • 50/50 Business Liability

A PEO Partner Built To Elevate Your Business

Think of us as all-in-one HR because we handle all your HR responsibilities, so you can focus on the bottom line and getting to the top. See what a PEO (professional employer organization) can do for you, why Tandem HR is different and why our clients are raving about us.

Tandem HR | What is a PEO?

Are you struggling to find the right health insurance plan? Overwhelmed with administrative HR tasks? See how a PEO can help.

What sets Tandem HR apart from other PEOs?

Get a behind the scenes look at how we assist with managing your HR — so you can focus on what matters to you.

Client Stories | Belgravia Group

Alan Lev, President and CEO of Belgravia Group, reveals the value he receives from his partnership with Tandem HR over the past 18 years.

Everything From Compliance To Employee Benefits — Managed

Work with a partner who understands your specific business and your employees, so you can handle HR with ease and expand your company.

At Tandem HR, our all-in-one HR model makes it simple — no payroll miscalculations, no compliance confusion, no stress.

Enterprise Level Benefits, Small Business Price

Even small to midsize businesses can offer big company benefits when they partner with Tandem HR. Get exclusive access to BCBS benefits, top-tier 401(k) plans and start offering more to your A-team.

Help From Real Humans, Not an 800 Number

Get expert HR advice from real humans ready to support you. In fact, let us know and we’ll even come by to cut the cake at the office parties.

An All-In-One HR Solution

Imagine being free from communicating with multiple vendors for your HR needs. Our full-service payroll solution means we’ll take care of everything.

Access To World-Class Talent

Our extensive footprint gives you access to multi-state and global hiring opportunities. Source talent from around the globe, we’ll find the best fit for your most important roles.

50/50 Shared Business Liability

As your PEO partner, we take 50/50 responsibility in your risk management — your liability is our liability. Let us worry about your HR legal problems, so you can get back to expanding your business.

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IRS Certified PEO | As a certified professional employer organization (CPEO) accredited by the IRS, Tandem HR is federally recognized for excellence in key areas of PEO operations including tax compliance, reporting and more.

ESAC Certified | Tandem HR is certified by the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (or ESAC,) meaning we excel in compliance with government regulations and rise above the gold standard for financial reliability.

Chicago’s Best Places To Work | Having a best-in-class service team starts with a great work environment. Our high employee satisfaction means you’ll always be greeted by an employee who’s happy to help.

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