You know all of the benefits of outsourcing your HR needs to a PEO, but how do you know which PEO is the best partner for your business?

How many boxes does your PEO check?

Some PEOs bundle their billing into one lump fee, making it near impossible to really analyze what you are paying for various services. You should be able to request unbundled billing. With line items for things like insurance premiums, training, FICA, FUTA, administrative fees, and all other services, it is easy to understand what you get.

Tandem HR provides unbundled billing for every client every month. Period. We will always help you understand precisely what you are paying for.

There are two certifications or accreditations to indicate a PEO is financially stable. In 2017, the IRS created the Certified Professional Employer Organization (CPEO) designation. If your PEO is a CPEO, it means they continually provide extensive financial and company background information to the IRS. The IRS, in turn, has recognized that PEO as financially sound and reliable. You can rest assured that a CPEO assumes responsibility related to payroll administration and federal employment tax reporting and payments.

Additionally, a PEO may opt to go through a rigorous certification process to become Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC) certified. This certification is to the PEO industry what FDIC is to the banking industry. The PEOs covered submit quarterly financial and operational updates for analysis and confirmation to continue certification.

Tandem HR is a CPEO that is also ESAC certified.

You may have an insurance or other plan that your employees absolutely love and appreciate. If you do, your PEO should allow you to keep it. Alternatively, you may not need certain benefits offered by a PEO.

Tandem HR offers a variety of carriers, including BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois, and will carve out any insurance plans you already have in place that you would like to keep. We pride ourselves on our ability to customize HR solutions to fit your individual needs.

Your PEO should provide a primary point of contact to discuss service issues or HR questions. Sometimes, you may be assigned a full team of professionals who specialize in various areas of HR. You should be able to meet that contact or team in person. Just like any on-site employee of yours, you will be working closely with these people. You will trust them with one of your most significant assets – your people!  Get a feel for their professionalism, knowledge, and ability to handle your common employee issues and questions.

Tandem HR assigns a full team of HR professionals that possess a variety of human resource specialties including payroll, benefits, compliance, and risk and safety. You will have direct access including cell phone numbers for your team members. We pride ourselves on our white glove, high touch customer service.

A PEO has human resource experts on staff who keep compliant with federal, state, and local laws for you. You should receive updates when these employment laws change and know that your employee handbook and policies are updated to keep you from hefty legal fines and lawsuits.

Tandem HR employs compliance specialists to keep up with all of the ever-changing federal, state, and local laws.

Every company’s needs differ. The question is, are yours being met? The ability to customize a program to fit your human resource needs will benefit your company as it grows and changes. If you are fortunate enough to require little human resource intervention, bar the occasional employee hire or conflict, you may agree that phone and email are acceptable means of communication. If, however, you anticipate needing assistance regularly, you should be able to request on-site visits. You should have the flexibility to change your service level as your needs evolve.

Tandem HR assesses an organization’s needs at the onset of service and provides several varying levels of service. We want to meet or exceed your expectations. Whether you need a representative in your office multiple times a week or prefer a telephonic consultation, Tandem HR can identify the right service level to meet your needs.

Shouldn’t a PEO be interested in the growth of your employees? After all, your business is most profitable when your employees’ abilities and skills are optimized. What training opportunities and organizational development activities do they provide? Also, some trainings like harassment trainings are now required by law.

Tandem HR conducts trainings required by law as needed and offers training and development, including an online selection of courses, to further your employees’ growth.

A PEO should act as a liaison between your staff and the insurance carrier so employees receive the maximum benefits. Additionally, a PEO should assist your organization with unemployment claims. Because a PEO shares an unemployment rate with you, they should work diligently to ensure all claims paid out are legitimate. They should take steps to protect your unemployment rates.

Tandem HR’s benefits administration teams go above and beyond to ensure that every employee gets the customer service they need and deserve from our carriers. They always act as a liaison, saving your employees valuable time researching or communicating with carriers by contacting them on their behalf.

A PEO should provide hands-on risk management, safety programs, and claims management to keep your workers’ compensation rates as low as possible. Does your PEO provide a safety program to lower injuries for your workforce? When an injury occurs, is there a program in place to get the employee back to work as soon as possible?

Tandem HR’s risk and safety department works hand-in-hand with you to make sure your work environments are safe and your employees minimize any downtime due to work injuries.


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