Welcome to our open enrollment help page where we answer frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed below or if you need more details, please email benefits@TandemHR.com and we will happily assist you.


Tandem HR is offering open enrollment for all medical plans with a renewal date on or around 1/1. This open enrollment will allow you to make changes to your health plans or enroll in a health plan during this time.


In additions you will have the opportunity to enroll/make changes to your Flexible Spending Account( FSA), Health Savings Account (HSA), LifeLock (Identify Theft Protection), or our NEW Pet Benefits Solution discount program.  If you have questions about any of these benefits, please reach out to benefits@TandemHR.com.

The new plan year beginning January 1, 2024, will only be 8 months in duration, taking us through the end of August 2024. This allows the medical and non-medical plan years to sync to a uniform September 1 start date, providing a single annual open enrollment window encompassing all benefits.

A plan year is the length of time in which health insurance rates and plan designs are provided by the insurance carrier. Plan years are typically 12 months in duration, with policy details renegotiated annually. Historically, our Quartz medical plan has renewed every January 1, with a 12-month plan year coinciding with the calendar year.

Yes, rates and plans are subject to adjustments at the beginning of the new policy year. The next policy year (from September 1, 2024 - August 31, 2025) will be a full 12-month policy. We worked with Quartz on our clients’ behalf to minimize this year’s renewal increase where possible and will continue to negotiate for the best rates each renewal.

Once we shift to a September 1 plan year in 2024, the Quartz medical policy will revert to a 12-month plan year duration. The medical benefits will then renew annually on September 1 (as is already the case for our non-medical benefits with Guardian).

Despite the plan year shifting to a September 1 start date, the associated plan deductibles will continue to accumulate and reset on a calendar year basis. Any progress made toward deductible satisfaction through the first 8 months of the calendar year will be maintained through and beyond the annual September 1 renewal. Electing a different plan during open enrollment may raise or lower your deductible threshold for the remaining 4 months of the calendar year, but progress made towards your previous plan’s deductible will be honored and applied to the newly elected plan design.

YES!  All medical insurance open enrollments are active, and you are required to take action. We highly recommend that you log in to the employee portal to check your current elections to be sure that you are enrolled in the benefits you wish to receive before the end of your open enrollment due date.

An active enrollment means you are required to make an election whether you want to enroll or waive.  In an "active enrollment", if you do not make an election, you will not have benefits as of your effective date.

Ancillary benefits refer to any benefits offered outside of major medical insurance. Things like dental, vision, disability, and life insurance are examples of ancillary benefits.

If you are still within the open enrollment window, you may go into the employee portal and reopen your submission to make any changes. Please be sure to RESUBMIT or we will not receive your changes.

If you want to make changes after the open enrollment period ends, you must contact benefits@tandemhr.com to inquire. We will try our best to work with the carrier to accommodate you, although, it will be based on the timing and the change requested. 

Open Enrollment is the only time to make plan changes. The only other time elections can be changed is due to Qualifying Life Event (QLE).

The following qualifying life events allow you to enroll (or un-enroll) from your current benefits plans:  

  • Marriage 
  • Divorce 
  • Birth/adoption of a child 
  • Gain or loss of other coverage 
  • Death 
  • Aging out of parental insurance 
  • Moving to another state

If you do not complete your open enrollment by the deadline, you are indicating to Tandem HR that you have opted out of benefits for the enrollment period.  By not enrolling, you are waiving coverage.

Our employee portal automatically sends reminder emails to all eligible employees when there are 5 days, 3 days, and 1 day left to enroll. Emails are sent to the preferred method (work or person) as indicated by each employee in the portal.

Participants will have until December 15, 2023, to make any FSA election changes for 2024. 

If you are enrolling in the Quartz plan or are choosing different benefits from last enrollment, you will receive new ID cards. Quartz is changing their pharmacy vendor to OptumRX and your BIN number on your card will change. Therefore, this will require them print new ID cards. You will want to let your pharmacy know once you’ve received your new card.

If you are going to receive new ID cards, they will be available on or before January 1, 2024. Watch for your new ID cards in the mail in late December/early January.  You may also access your benefits in MyChart after 1/1/2024.

Quartz does not require a written referral from your PCP to see an in-network specialist.

Yes! With your Tandem HR partnership, you have access to a prescription savings card with inSourceRX, Auto and Homeowners Insurance through Farmers Insurance, and discounts on tickets, events, and goods through Member Deals (available in the portal).