2019 Business Resolutions

I RESOLVE TO… Help executives keep their New Year’s business resolutions.

Much like personal resolutions, executives are considering how they will impact business in 2019 with their business resolutions. Many want to impact their bottom line, run their business more efficiently or take their business to the next level. What some may not know is that a PEO or Professional Employer Organization can be instrumental in achieving these business resolutions. Check out these ” I Resolve To ” statements to find out how a PEO impacts these areas of business. How many of these would you like to see ring true in 2019?

I RESOLVE TO grow my business.

According to a recent study by noted economists Laurie Bassi and Dan McMurrer, businesses that use PEOs grow 7-9% faster than those that do not. Why is this? PEOs take the administrative HR burden off of you and your staff allowing you to focus on revenue generating and other impactful activities.


I RESOLVE TO lower employee turnover.

Not to mention, businesses that partner with a PEO also see 23-32% lower employee turnover, according to the same study. The improvement in HR infrastructure and robust benefits available assist in attracting and retaining key talent that will take your business to the next level.

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I RESOLVE TO reduce the amount of time I spend on HR paperwork.

Do you spend too much time addressing employee relations issues, answering benefits questions or making payroll corrections? You are not alone! Many business owners experiencing growth find HR tasks take up an overwhelming amount of time out of their already busy day. A PEO unloads this burden by processing payroll and payroll taxes, administering benefits including retirement plans, assisting management with employee related issues, managing risk and safety programs and much, much more! What would you do with all of that extra time?

I RESOLVE TO reduce the amount of time I spend on HR paperwork.

I RESOLVE TO attract better employees with a better benefits package.

One amazing benefit of partnering with a PEO is that you are now able to take advantage of being a part of a much larger group of employers. For example, instead of purchasing insurance as a group of 20, 50, or even 200, you are now part of a group of tens of thousands of other employees. Claims make a much smaller impact and your buying power is much greater. How much further will your benefit package dollars go by joining this group?

I RESOLVE TO become a ‘Best Place to Work’.

Employers that strive to turn their workplace into a Best Place to Work partner with PEOs. Why? Because a PEO gives you access to a full range of HR professionals with expertise in employee relations, compliance, payroll, benefits and risk management that will take your business to the next level. These experts will work with your leadership team to turn your organization into the place of employment you always dreamed it could be.


I RESOLVE TO make my HR processes more efficient.

With a professional HR infrastructure and access to the latest technology, your HR processes and procedures will run efficiently. The first thing a PEO will do is audit your current HR processes to find areas that can be improved. Next, they will work with you to implement strategies to improve efficiencies.

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I RESOLVE TO keep my business compliant.

Employment law is extensive and can be complicated. Laws often vary state to state and even county to county. It’s practically a full-time job just to keep up! When you partner with a PEO, you add a wide range of human resource experts to your team. This includes those with expertise in employment law. Not only that but the PEO shares liability with you.

Many business owners find it overwhelming and tedious to keep track of ever-changing employment laws and keep employee handbooks updated accordingly. Utilizing a PEO takes the burden off you so you can rest assured you’re operating compliantly.

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I RESOLVE TO provide a safe work environment.

A PEO will assist you with OSHA compliance, developing safety policies and generally keeping your employees safe through workplace policies. Should you experience a workers’ compensation claim, the PEO will assist with claims processing and assisting the employee through the ‘back to work’ program to minimize the impact on your workplace.

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I RESOLVE TO process payroll more efficiently.

Let PEO certified payroll professionals process your payroll efficiently and in a timely manner. This is what they do – day in, day out. Utilize an IRS certified PEO (also called a CPEO) to take it one step further! When a CPEO receives your payroll dollars, they are solely responsible for processing it and payroll taxes correctly. The liability rests on the CPEO.

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If you have any of the above business resolutions for 2019 – we’d love to talk to you!

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