Thanks to our referral partners, a significant portion of our business comes from word-of-mouth referrals.

We love partner referrals. We appreciate all of the referrals we receive from insurance brokers, clients, client employees, vendors and staff. If you know a company that could benefit from Tandem HR’s services, enter their contact information below or email

We have a unique partnership specifically for insurance brokers. Tell your broker friends they can offer additional HR support without losing their book of business to a PEO.

Who should you refer? Organizations experiencing the following may need Tandem HR:

  • Excessive turnover
  • Downsizing/right sizing
  • Explosive growth
  • Limited or no benefits program
  • Lack of a formal internal HR infrastructure
  • Compliance issues and concerns regarding new employment and/or benefit laws
  • Difficulty recruiting and retaining talent
  • Low productivity or poor employee morale

We’d like to show our appreciation to¬†our partner referrals. If your referral company with 10 or more employees becomes a client of Tandem HR, we’ll contact you and send you a $500 THANK YOU check. It’s that simple!


If you have a referral complete the this form, email or call 630.928.0510.

Thank you for placing your trust in Tandem HR.

Partner Referrals

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