Did you go into business to manage people or employment-related tasks?

Probably not. You had an idea. Then, you created something special. Now you are passionately building a business around it. That’s a fantastic accomplishment! But now, you do need people to build and grow that business. There’s only so much you can do by yourself. As a result, these comprehensive HR solutions can help!

But let’s back up a bit.

You know employees are your biggest (and often most expensive) asset. It’s especially critical to your success that the culture you build and the people you attract align with your business plans and growth goals.

And, let’s face it, most small businesses do not have a whole in-house HR department to help make that happen. You might not even need a full-time, fully-staffed professional HR team. But, you sure could benefit from using these experienced HR professionals to help you maximize your return on investment when it comes to your people. This is where many small businesses lean on HR outsourcing for comprehensive HR solutions.

How does HR outsourcing, or HR solutions, work?

There are many advantages to a partnership with a professional employer organization (or PEO) for your HR outsourcing needs. Here are just a few:

Delegate the administrative work

Tandem HR will take your HR administration off your plate. How much time will you be able to invest back in your company when we handle your:

  • Payroll and payroll tax processing
  • Benefits shopping, open enrollment, and administration
  • Workers’ compensation and risk management
  • Federal and state employment law compliance
  • Management training and employee relations guidance
  • HR policies and procedures
  • Bill consolidation – one invoice
  • Onboarding, termination, and other employment-related paperwork

Outsource HR solutions offer a robust benefits package

One of the most coveted reasons a small business outsources HR services to a PEO is to take advantage of large group benefits by joining forces with other small businesses for buying power. Using economies of scale, you can afford to boost your benefits package. Choose from medical insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, long-term disability insurance, short-term disability insurance, flexible spending accounts, health savings accounts, 401(k) retirement plans, employee assistance program (EAP), pet insurance, identify protection services, and a wealth of other benefits to attract and retain the best employees. Our benefits professionals work with you to create a benefits strategy and contribution schedule to fit your budget and employee needs.

Outsource HR services incorporate a professional Fortune 500-style HR infrastructureEmployee Lifecycle - PEO Services

Do your candidates and new employees have a professional user experience with you from the onset? Or do they have a vastly different experience than they do with your larger competitors? They should experience a responsive, smooth, digital (yet personal), and compliant interviewing and onboarding process. In fact, they should feel that same level of professionalism throughout their entire tenure at your company. Our HR Business Partners help your business develop and maintain efficient and compliant processes throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

You gain a professional HR Information System (HRIS) with applicant tracking, electronic onboarding, and digital open enrollment. This system also offers employees 24/7/365 access to their payroll and benefits information, including pay stubs, W2s, benefits elections, and employee handbooks. We want your employees to have the best employee experience possible.

HR services help navigate employment compliance and regulations

Every year, HR gets more and more complex and regulated. For business owners, it means a lot more time spent keeping up with shifting compliance regulations or risking litigation. PEOs are well-versed in employment law compliance and often spot potential blind spots and mitigate business exposure to help protect your business. Not only that – your partnership includes shared liability!

With these outsourced comprehensive HR solutions, you gain:

  • Time – We take on your HR administration while you focus on your business
  • Peace of mind – with expert-level advice on employment law compliance and employee relations
  • Better talent – attract and retain the best with great benefits and a professional infrastructure
  • Cost savings – decrease in HR personnel, benefits administration, legal and consulting, and education and training costs


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"There is no ‘cannot do it’ with Tandem HR. They are both professional and proactive. The office visits are extremely helpful and give us the ability to put a face to the extension of our HR team."

- CEO, Consulting Group, 80 employees