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Navigating Remote Work Challenges
Categories: Employee Experience, Other
  • Managing remote teams
  • Fostering employee engagement and morale
  • Communicating and setting expectations
Employee Turnover and Retention
Categories: Employee Experience
  • Employee turnover costs
  • Calculating employee turnover
  • Strategies to reduce turnover and retain talent
Resources for an HR Department of One
Categories: Compliance, Other
  • Expanding Your Network
  • Creating Efficient Templates
  • Leveraging Partnerships
Employee Performance Management
Categories: Employee Experience
  • Continuous feedback
  • Documentation
  • Tools and systems to help organize employee performance management
What to know about Form I-9
  • What is Form I-9, and who completes it
  •  How to create an efficient I-9 process
  •  I-9 record retention and purging of old files
Answering Your HR Questions
Categories: Employee Experience, Other
  • Challenges faced in HR and how to overcome them
  • AI impacting the future of work
  • Employee performance
Navigating Leave of Absence
  • What is LOA
  • LOA best practices
  • FMLA
Hosting a Successful Open Enrollment Session
  • How to shop for the best benefits
  • Preparing open enrollment materials
  • What to communicate to your staff and how often