Building Your Small Business Strategy for Optimal Growth & Success

If you are a small business owner, you should focus on growing a successful business. Are you prepared to support what that growth entails? With a solid talent strategy, attractive benefits offering, compliance & risk management, payroll, technology, and the expertise to sustain that growth, your business can take off!

Learn more about an option for small businesses for support in building a successful growth, HR, and talent strategy. Go from simply surviving to thriving. Laura Bermudo addresses small business concerns and shares insight around a surefire business solution.



laura bermudo tandem hrLaura Bermudo is a Business Development Consultant at Tandem HR. For the past 15 years, Laura has worked in the HR industry, advising small to mid-sized businesses on holistic people-centric solutions. She has experience working within a wide array of industries. She focuses on strong connections and relationships and meeting individuals where they’re at to help find a solution to fit their business needs.

Business Development Consultant
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