HR That Directly Impacts Business Growth

Small business leaders know that their employees heavily impact business success. You want and need the best. Which means you need a robust HR infrastructure. But that infrastructure comes with a mountain of administration that can be draining and time-consuming.

How do successful leaders do it all?

Authors Greg Slamowitz and Tara Conger conquer this topic in their new eBook, The HR Equation: 8 Things You Should Outsource to Multiply Business Growth. Join us as they discuss daily issues impacting your bottom line and solutions to create efficiencies.

The 8 things they’ll tackle:

1. Talent Acquisition

2. Payroll processing and tax

3. Benefits offerings, including 401(k)

4. Employee relations

5. Training and development opportunities

6. Risk management/safety

7. Employment law compliance

8. Employee separation




TARA CONGER                                                  GREG SLAMOWITZ
President of Tandem HR                                  Author of Flip the Pyramid
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