Cutting Edge Technology – is your business leading the way or trailing behind?

Cutting Edge Technology.

This week, Crain’s Chicago Business published an article about McDonalds’ upcoming technology enhancements designed to increase traffic to their restaurants. Their new app, food delivery via UberEats and self-serve kiosks are among numerous digital improvements designed to meet the needs of every customer. While big conglomerates are regularly seen improving, upgrading and advancing in the world of technology to increase their ability to compete and expand – do you find your small to mid-sized business trying to keep up? Are you leading the way in your industry when it comes to cutting edge technology or are you always lagging behind?

Small to mid-sized businesses may have less resources when it comes to competing in technology – an expensive area of business. Not only are there hard costs associated with purchasing the technology itself, but there are costs associated with training employees, implementation and roll out to your customers.

Tandem HR

A Chicago area Professional Employer Organization, regularly works with small and mid-sized companies in and around the Chicago area to offer them the latest technological advancements when it comes to their human resources (HR). As a fast-growing 125 employee company, we understand the struggles of keeping up with technological advances to compete in the marketplace.  That’s why we offer our partners robust technology to improve their human resource processes, culture, productivity, and ultimately increase the bottom line.

Many companies with 15-100 employees may not find it financially feasible to purchase their own HRIS, training and development, applicant tracking, and performance management systems among others that would prove incredibly useful in managing and developing staff. Yet, these same businesses experience similar personnel challenges to those found at larger companies. Partnership with Tandem HR gives you and your employees access to a full range of HR professionals, expertise, information and technology to keep your employees engaged and create an exceptional workplace.

For a free consultation, including a side-by-side comparison of your current HR practices and those offered by Tandem HR, email, call 630.928.0510 or visit Tandem HR Comprehensive HR Solutions today.