Three Ways Technology Is Making HR More Efficient

In the last 20 years, how companies approach HR, including talent management, has dramatically changed, especially with technology and automation. Many HR management systems help keep track of hiring, monitoring employee attendance and performance, and many other aspects of HR.

Following are three ways technology is shaping the future of HR.


Improved Recruitment Process

One of the critical aspects of the HR function within an organization is identifying the right candidate for the job. However, recruitment goes beyond sifting through thousands of resumes. It is a crucial branding element that significantly affects the reputation of your firm.

HR professionals aim to build an employer branding strategy and deliver a seamless recruitment experience to candidates while doing so cost-efficiently and timely. Fortunately, there are several ways technology can help optimize the recruitment process, including:

  • Applicant Self-Service

In the present day, manually handing out paper forms for applicants to fill out and then checking the accuracy of information is unimaginable. With a self-service app, applicants can offer the information and check the accuracy of this data themselves. This will free up your time so you can focus on your core responsibilities during the recruitment process.

  • Applicant Tracking System

An applicant tracking system gives access to all the data you need while performing multiple hiring tasks. You can review resumes, access forms, identify specific employee requirements, and much more without jumping from one platform to another. This minimizes distraction and centralizes all documents and information, thereby expediting the hiring process.


Automated Payroll Processes

Often, employees receive their pay unaware of the time professionals spent preparing payroll in a timely and accurate fashion. Yet, payroll preparation is one of the most stressful tasks that fall on the shoulders of the HR department. Payroll software solutions boast a significant impact in boosting the productivity of HR teams with systems to address:

  • Employee time keeping

Time and attendance tracking software allows human resources and management teams to accurately and timely pay employees while remaining compliant with various labor laws and company policies. Technology ranges from digital, touchless and biometric time clocks to web-based systems or a combination of the two.

  • Preparing payroll and reporting

Automating the payroll process with smart technology minimizes errors. Of course, there will always be checks and balances. But, with technology identifying missing clock ins (or outs), exceeded allowable PTO hours, and other compliance or policy limitations and trends, HR can spend their time in a more productive fashion. These same systems provide a way to sort data for reports for accurate reporting on your people investment.


Enhanced Training and Performance Management

According to HeartMath, nearly 72 percent of human resource professionals experience stress due to high attrition rates in their organization. An efficient way to keep employees engaged and lower turnover rates is to offer professional growth and development opportunities while monitoring employee performance. HR technology can help in several ways.

  • Training software

With the help of technology, employee training is accessible anytime, from anywhere an internet connection is available. Managers can track progress on employee training to assist with mapping out an employee’s career development. Most technologies include quizzes or tests after the sessions to gauge retention of the material. Additionally, managers can monitor progress on training programs or receive alerts when employees fail to complete them by a specific date. Most training technology includes various training topics, and some even allow you to upload your custom training programs.

  • Performance management software

Similarly, performance management software enables managers to frequently check employees’ progress on goal completion and consistently deliver regular feedback throughout the year. How often do you get to the end of the year unable to recall an employee’s performance 10-12 months ago? Using performance management software helps ensure an accurate and smooth review period. Also, it fosters accountability among employees as they receive feedback on their performance in the workplace.


Technology is the Key to a More Productive HR Team

The future of human resource management is closely associated with technology. These days, many companies are shifting to electronic platforms and tools to stay among the frontrunner of the field. Sometimes small and mid-sized companies may find a full-service HR technology platform too expensive or lack the resources to implement one. Companies that outsource their HR functions may access technology without the high price tag. If you’re looking to enhance your HR technology or make your HR processes more efficient and effective, contact Tandem HR for more information today!


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