Employee Performance Evaluation

7 Ways for Managers to Turn the Dreaded Task into a Productive Exercise.

While there is no shortage of research and opinion on the pros or cons of performance reviews (truly … just Google it), this may be a process that causes you anxiety. Some even dread it, finding it tedious and difficult. A majority of employers require some type of performance review exercise, causing us to consider how managers can make the process a positive and enlightening experience, instead of a dreaded waste of time. The following are tips to help managers turn the experience into a positive one, and maybe (just maybe) your employees will begin to look forward to their employee performance evaluation.

Establish goals

Work with each direct report to establish clear and concise goals well in advance of review time. This one may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes work gets busy and performance management tasks are pushed to the side. Goals are needed so expectations related to performance are clear. With goals, you can offer your direct reports feedback and can assess their overall performance in a formal process. While establishing goals, ensure each of them are SMART: Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. Make it clear they will be rated on their goals and overall performance during their review.

Provide constant feedback

Employee performance evaluation time should not be the first, or only, time you share feedback with your employees. Continually providing feedback regarding behavior and performance while it is fresh in their minds, will prove much more effective than giving feedback once or twice a year.

One way to give regular feedback and to make the performance review meeting less threatening is to establish regular one-on-one meetings. These meetings can be held weekly, biweekly or monthly, depending on the needs of the employee. More frequent meetings afford managers and employees the time to build rapport, review performance, share feedback, and ensure the employee is on the right track.

Share the template

Your employees will be more at ease if they know exactly what the performance review will look like. Give them a copy of the template you will be using.  Describe the rating system and make it clear where a solidly performing employee will rank.

Gather other feedback

Solicit feedback from employees that work for or with your direct reports to get a complete picture. How are they interacting with their direct reports? Are they successful in working in a team setting? Asking people that work closely with your employees on a regular basis will give you additional insight.

Get positive

Give positive feedback whenever possible. This is a great time to pat performing employees on the back to boost their confidence and encourage the behavior. For those that may be struggling, try and find some positive feedback to provide with the areas where improvement is needed. If you’re having difficulty thinking of positive qualities or contributions, you should consider why this person is working for your organization. Bottom line: Now is the time to build employees up and show them how they are contributing to the success of the organization.

Help them

Be honest about any areas where an employee needs improvement. This will help your employees in the long run. Demonstrate your interest in helping them improve. Give examples of ways they can develop in any lacking areas and assist them in forming an improvement plan.

Seek feedback

What a great time to receive feedback for yourself! Consider asking your employees what is going well and what can be improved related to your management style and day-to-date interactions. Ask them if there is anything they need, that you are not currently providing, in order to excel at their job.

Employee Performance Evaluation Coaching

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