How Businesses Can Handle Unique HR Situations

HR… Requesting Your Presence – 4 Unique HR Situations

The relationship a business has with its employees is full of ups and downs. Not all instances are unique HR situations. For example, the hiring process is a common scenario where HR is often present. They ensure all paperwork is correctly filled out and that the new employee has been properly briefed on their new position.

In the instance that an employee must be let go, an HR presence can prevent backlash and litigation. As a business owner, you may not associate the following situations with HR, but doing so can protect both your business and your employees.


1| Difficult Conversations

Managing a team produces plenty of hurdles and one of them is the inevitable difficult conversation. Even in a perfect work environment, uncomfortable situations will arise.

Whether you need to inform an employee of serious allegations made against them by a client or provide support for a grieving employee, knowing what to say and where the professional line is drawn can be difficult.

An HR presence will ensure you remain on topic. In addition to providing a plan that assists the employee without overshadowing their rights.


2| Accommodation Requests

Certain conversations can be difficult for employees to approach management with as well. If an employee wants to speak to you about a promotion, concerns about another employee, or a change in their duties, having an HR presence can protect both parties involved.

Your employee will know they’re being provided equal opportunity. And, you’ll be reminded of legalities and responsibilities, including those in your business handbook. An employee might also appreciate the opportunity to speak with HR before setting up a meeting with you.


3| Management Conferences

Meetings that only involve supervisors or upper management positions can greatly benefit from an HR presence. Also, these types of meetings typically focus on future goals, employee progress, and client relationships.

HR presence may not be needed for all upper management meetings, those that discuss potential changes in employee shifts, responsibilities, or benefits should be monitored. An HR representative can review any proposed changes to make sure they don’t conflict with employee rights.


4| Staff Meetings

If proposed changes to staff protocol are approved, informing them through a staff meeting is an efficient method of getting everyone on board. But because employees can react negatively to change (this 2017 Work and Well-Being Survey shows that change affects employee morale and stress levels), this is one of those unique HR situations where having a third party can be beneficial.

Employees will feel more at ease about their futures if they have an HR source to turn to with questions and concerns. Employees should have access to an HR source after the changes are implemented.


Is a Physical Presence Needed for Unique HR Situations?

Having an HR team within the building at all times can be beneficial. But probably not practical for certain sized businesses. Another solution many companies turn to is outsourcing their HR needs. This provides them with the full benefits of an HR team without the cost of an in-house staff.

Other businesses may find that their HR staff is in one location while unique situations are occurring in other locations. These unique HR situations can be monitored through phone conferences, emails, or live chat sessions. Letting technology bridge the gap between a business and an HR team can ensure both the company and its team are better protected. Especially, in situations where an HR presence may have been previously overlooked.

Being prepared for these unique HR situations is just another way you can do your part in creating a healthy and progressive work environment. Having a strong HR presence within your company, even if it’s not physical, can benefit you, your employees, and your customers.


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