Need Some New Office Holiday Party Ideas?

10 Unique Office Holiday Party Ideas for 2019


Does your company end the year with a celebration? Spending time together for one purpose creates a sense of unity between coworkers. Studies show that celebrations with a focus on team appreciation boost morale and motivation. Are you looking for a unique approach to an upcoming staff holiday celebration? If so, you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up ten of our best office holiday party ideas to inspire you.


  1. Potluck Party

Potlucks are a classic holiday party idea that can simplify the planning process and allow your employees to spend an afternoon eating and chatting.  It’s easy to host because everyone contributes to the festivities. You can make it a general potluck or chose a theme like a chili cook-off or a cookie exchange. Use a potluck sign-up service to promote a variety of different items.


  1. Themed Celebration

You’re never too old for a themed celebration. Stick with the season and throw a snowman-themed party or let your inner child out with a character theme. Just make sure your choice is inclusive and culturally responsible.


  1. Off-Site Event

You don’t have to stay at the office to celebrate. Consider a weekend event at a nearby zoo where employees can bring their family members. For a more intimate celebration, throw a cookout, weather permitting, at a local forest preserve.


  1. Giving Back Opportunity

If your employees want to skip a traditional office celebration, consider an afternoon of giving back. Let your employees pick a cause that’s dear to them. Ideas include making meals for the local homeless population or putting together care packages for soldiers overseas.


  1. Dinner and a Show

Bring the entertainment to the office party. Consider hiring a magician, comedian, or setting up the office like a movie theater for the afternoon, complete with a popcorn cart and cotton candy machine. If you want to be trendy, join in the latest fad of putting on a Murder Mystery Lunch in the conference room.


  1. Awards Ceremony

Have you ever fantasized about hosting your own version of the Dundie Awards featured on The Office? If so, here’s your chance. Invite employees to dress up, walk the red carpet, and enjoy an awards show that praises their efforts and unique contributions to the office. Make it as serious or as silly as you want (just play nice).

  1. Parking Lot Tailgate

If Mother Nature and your parking lot space allows, head outside and set up a traditional tailgate party. Grill your favorite game day food, get creative with some face paint, and finish with a friendly game of tag-football.


  1. Shopping Surprise

Surprise your employees with a few paid afternoon hours off to shop and wrap up their last-minute holiday errands. Make the gesture even sweeter by handing out gift cards or hiring a professional gift wrapper to wrap their purchases for them.


  1. Friendly Competition

Who can come up with the best holiday cocktail or the most unique cupcake? You can always go the classic route and set up an office Olympics, complete with an opening ceremony, several events, and medal presentations.


  1. The Non-Party

Sometimes, there is no best way to throw a holiday party. Whether you don’t have the resources, or you have concerns about liquor liabilities, skipping the holiday party can be in a company’s best interest. Just keep in mind that employees do appreciate something extra for the season. Consider granting extra time off, providing small bonuses, or even gifting grocery gift cards so they can make their family celebrations more indulgent.


The hardest part about the holiday season is keeping stress at bay. Don’t make your office’s end of the year celebration more stressful than it needs to be. Instead of worrying about the minute details, focus on providing a safe and comfortable space for employees to spend time together and enjoy the magic of the season.


As long as your office holiday party ideas are inclusive, responsible, and planned with your employees in mind, everyone’s sure to enjoy the time spent away from their desks.


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