5 Things a Professional Recruiter Can Do Better Than You

Professional Recruiter.

Finding the right talent is crucial for a company of any size. However, errors can be minimized by using a professional recruiter. Small company owners often think that professional recruiting is out of reach, and focus their efforts on recruiting talent themselves. Even the smallest companies can benefit from seeking out professional recruiters who will put the best talent within their reach.


  1. They have a more thorough process.
    Because professional recruiters are dedicated solely to their task, they can see the process through to the very end. All of the necessary steps are completed in the right order, with nothing important overlooked. Because all these steps are in the hands of full-time professionals, company owners can devote more of their time to non-recruiting, revenue generating tasks.
  1. They recruit from lesser-known job markets.
    Although job seekers find many prospective positions through job boards, there is also a market that includes potential employees who are not looking for a job (also called “passive candidates”). One of the advantages of the hidden job market is that it often yields more appropriate candidates than ones who are actively seeking new employment. There are many job prospects who are not seeking a different job who might be receptive to a change from their current position anyway. Professional recruiters have built up enough connections and know how to use social media to find these candidates.
  1. They have more time for the candidates.
    Professional recruiters have more time to spend on job candidates than many other professionals. It is their job! Advantages that come with this extra time is additional time spent on creating eye-catching job postings that attract the target candidate, pre-screening the candidates including reading through resumes, checking out portfolios and LinkedIn pages, contacting candidates who may be suitable and conducting initial phone interviews. This process also makes it easier for recruiters to get to know each of the candidates well enough to make informed recommendations that will save you time and money.
  1. They possess working knowledge of the market.
    Because of their close work with job seekers on a daily basis, professional recruiters have a greater understanding of the market. Knowing all of the inner workings of a particular job market helps make it easier to sort out good prospects from bad ones. A recruiter working with job seekers not only knows what the traits of good prospects are but also knows what companies must do to make the positions enticing. Human resources professionals will be able to adjust the job descriptions accordingly, encouraging the best candidates to apply.
  1. They’re privy to the top search techniques.
    The prior experience that a recruiter has acquired will help ensure they know what to look for and what to avoid. Recruiters have access to resources that have already been proven highly effective. Besides knowing what resources bring about the top candidates, these resources also help them determine which candidates to avoid. They will also have developed a working knowledge of effective search techniques and how to maximize the use of databases of candidates.

Companies that are dedicated to hiring the best job talent will benefit from using recruiters. An outsourced professional recruiter will have a lot of helpful experience to make the process easier on small business owners – and save them time and money! With all of the options available to recruiters, companies will have better chances of finding ideal candidates every time.

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