5 Benefits of Applicant Tracking Systems

Could These 5 Benefits of Applicant Tracking Systems Help You Grow Your Team?

Technology has changed nearly every aspect of business, from how we advertise to how we invoice and communicate. But one area that took a little longer to evolve was the hiring process. If you’re still combing through stacks of resumes instead of using recruitment software, the following benefits of applicant tracking systems could change your mind.


Benefit 1 – Find the best candidates

Applicant tracking systems make it easier than ever to find top talent by addressing common problems with traditional hiring practices.


One common issue with digging through never-ending piles of resumes is that it’s easy to overlook qualified candidates due to fatigue or simple human error. Recruitment software prevents this by sorting, scanning and ranking job applicants. This makes it easier to weed out unqualified applicants, so you’ll always be left with the best candidates.


Applicant tracking systems can also keep the best candidates from slipping away. On average, top applicants only remain on the market for 10 days. Automatic emails sent out by tracking software can keep your company in the forefront of an applicant’s mind, making them less likely to prematurely accept an offer from the competition.


Benefit 2 – Focus on the human aspect of hiring

By 2020, nearly half of all American workers will be millennials. While this generation expects the technological portions of job seeking, they also expect human contact and reassurance throughout the process. Smart recruiters are adjusting their practices to suit these expectations.


If your recruiters are spending much of their time completing administrative tasks, human contact could be rushed or faked. But with recruitment software, recruiters have more time to sit down with top applicants, fully explain the position, ask the important questions and necessary follow-ups, and make all involved parties feel comfortable.


Benefit 3 – Save on hiring costs

Companies spend an average of $4,000 when hiring a new employee. Applicant tracking systems can help keep a company in budget when it comes to keeping their workforce full.


First, tracking systems speed up the hiring process. Recruiters don’t need to spend as much time on administrative tasks, which can give you more for your payroll buck. Also, recruitment software helps ensure the best candidates are hired from the start. With less turnover, companies spend less throughout the year on hiring.


Finally, should you need to fill a position you’ve already hired for once, you can look up previous candidates that qualified for the position and reach out to them first before posting any ads, saving you both time and money.


Benefit 4 – Applicants have a more positive view of your company

Most job seekers today expect the process to start online, so they’re already out there. But so is your competition. Recruitment technology can help boost an applicant’s opinion of your company, making them more likely to accept an offer or apply again in the future should they not be hired this time around.


How can applicant tracking software do this? By simplifying the process. Many employers expect candidates to jump through hoops for a chance at a job. While this may be true for the average applicant, top talent knows what they are and expect their time to be valued. When you make the application process simpler with software, applicants notice.


Benefit 5 – Legal protection

Having another barrier against lawsuits is one of the best benefits of applicant tracking systems, though it’s not typically the first considered.


Nearly 90% of American businesses will deal with litigation at some point. Not adhering to privacy or fair hiring laws can spell out financial disaster for a business, even if the incident was unintentional.


Should a lawsuit or audit come into play, recruitment software ensures all the information you need to provide is safely and accurately stored.


While it’s tough to say if applicant tracking systems will one day complete the hiring process from start to finish, for now they are a welcomed relief as companies speed up their hiring processes while saving money and securing top talent.


The benefits of applicant tracking systems are ideal for any business. If you’re still being overwhelmed by stacks of resumes, consider making the digital switch.


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