The Benefits of Quarterly Reviews: More check-ins, fewer headaches

The annual performance review—a high stakes, once-a-year evaluation that ignites anxiety in even the highest performing employees. However, it too often remains a Read More

HR Q&A: The Role of Referrals When Hiring

Referrals – they’re perhaps old school. You know, with job boards, LinkedIn, recruiter strategies and so on. But here’s the thing: Referrals continue Read More

A beginner’s guide to hiring out-of-state employees

By now, we’re pretty sure most people responsible for hiring have at least considered remote workers if being in the office isn’t absolutely Read More

The Complete Outline for Building an Outstanding Employee Handbook

We get it, the idea of building an employee handbook from scratch can feel overwhelming.   Where do you start? What should you include? Read More

Video Meetings Killed the Company Star: 7 ways to keep your remote team engaged 

Everyone – yes, everyone – seems to have an opinion on remote work.   Are people more productive? Are they actually working? Is it Read More

Mission, Vision, Values: The Backbone of Your Employee Handbook

Key takeaways  Mission. Vision. Values. If you’re employee handbook doesn’t start here, it’s overdue for an overhaul.   But why? Depending on your professional Read More

Shhh … Avoid Quiet Quitting Through Employee Engagement

Quiet quitting – that big-time buzzword that’s anything but hush, hush.  Even after the pandemic, quiet quitting remains a hot topic in the Read More

Cannabis HR – Who To Trust

The cannabis industry is quickly gaining legal status across the United States.  At the time of this article, 39 states deem recreational cannabis, Read More

The Case for Advance Pay as a Strategic Benefit

When the competition for talent is fierce, employers must continuously evolve their offerings to attract and retain top talent. One innovative solution is Read More

Navigating Employee Reviews: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Employee reviews are a crucial component of any successful organization’s performance management strategy. They offer a platform for constructive feedback, goal alignment, and Read More

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