How to Conduct a Successful Employee Engagement Survey

According to a recent Gallup poll, just 36% of U.S. employees feel engaged at work. Over 60% of workers are actively disengaged. To Read More

5 Essential Elements of Effective Performance Management

Recent surveys have found less than 50% of employees feel their performance evaluations are fair or transparent. Old-school approaches to performance management, such as Read More

Key HR Metrics – What Should Your Business be Tracking?

How does your organization measure the effectiveness of your human resource (HR) efforts? What key HR metrics demonstrate your success or lack thereof? Read More

Boost Your Employer Brand with these 8 Affordable Activities

Two critical elements of your company’s brand are your product or service’s value proposition and your reputation. Your employer brand plays a substantial Read More

Hire for Potential over Experience – 5 Reasons Why

Organizations with open positions immediately begin searching for the best candidates with the most relevant skills and as much experience as they can Read More

Enhance Company Performance With Your VOE (Voice of Employees)

Listening is an essential skill in the workplace, especially when you want to enhance company performance. More important than many companies realize. In Read More

Performance Management Software & How It Benefits Small Businesses

Having a strong focus on and an ability to manage employee performance often results in business success. For employees to be successful, they Read More

Benefits of a PEO Explained (NCTV17 Interview)

Tandem HR’s Vice President of Business Development, Grant Bramley, sat down with Liz Spencer, Executive Director of NCTV17 out of Naperville, IL (a Read More

How Learning Management Software Impacts Business

Training and career development are essential strategies for attracting, engaging, and retaining talent. In fact, according to Lorman, retention rates rise 30-50% for companies Read More

8 Soft Skills to Look for in Your Next Hire

Your clients or customers come to know your employees as the face and voice of your business. It’s imperative they communicate, interact, and Read More

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