Tandem HR Establishes Texas PEO

We’re ready to help Texas businesses grow with our PEO business model!

Tandem HR, a prominent Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and HR outsourcing company, established a presence within the Texas PEO landscape. As the largest privately held PEO in the Midwest, Tandem HR has strategically focused on organic growth. They made notable strides by acquiring three Midwest-based PEOs in the past two years. Having already earned recognition for its exceptional white glove, high-touch customer service, and widely acclaimed master medical plans in partnership with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, Tandem HR is now poised to enter the Texas PEO market with its exceptional Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas master medical plans.

Tara Conger, President of Tandem HR, is enthusiastic about expanding their customer base in Texas. She remarks, “We’ve always served worksite employees in the state, but introducing our competitive plans with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas is a game-changer.”

In response to the changing landscape during the pandemic, Tandem HR adeptly seized the opportunity to embrace the benefits of adopting a remote and hybrid workforce.

Marcus Wilbers, Chief Client Officer, comments on the strategic growth approach. “Tandem is already a licensed PEO in 49 states. Our co-employment model empowers clients across the U.S. to enjoy seamless and efficient hiring processes.”

If you’re looking for a top-notch Texas PEO, Tandem HR will provide a complimentary consultation. Explore how outsourcing HR can elevate your business efficiency and enhance profitability! Customized quotes for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas medical insurance plans are available upon request. Call 630-468-9286 today to learn more about Tandem HR’s services.