Fostering Workplace Accountability and Enhancing Productivity

Workplace Accountability.

Leaders who strive to create a work environment of accountability are more likely to enhance employee dedication, productivity, and satisfaction on the job. When employees are accountable for their work, workplace standards increase and employees will reach a higher potential. They will get a stronger sense of contributing to the success of the organization. The following 8 tips will help foster workplace accountability, and enhance your team’s commitment and productivity:

  1. Set your team up for success.

    Ensure that your staff has the necessary skills needed to complete their tasks. Challenge employees beyond their typical skill set, but provide clear direction and support. When appropriate, create training and mentor opportunities.

  2. Establish well-defined roles for each team member.

    When roles are defined and communicated properly, it is much easier for an employee to maintain responsibility.

  3. Develop clear goals and expectations.

    Determine structured goals and objectives that detail the specific job or task. Establish criteria that focus on quality, efficiency, and timeliness of work.

  4. Cultivate transparency. 

    Encourage open and honest communication and feedback with your employees. This will build trusting relationships that enhance work performance.

  5. Focus on performance management instead of time worked.

    Implement a system that allows you to have regular dialogue with your staff members regarding their performance. Remember that amount of time worked does not necessarily translate into quality Schedule regular meetings to discuss goals and objectives, as well as productivity and outcomes. Provide consistent and constructive feedback, and reiterate your expectations for success.

  6. Appreciate and recognize employees for their work.

    Ask your employees what motivates them, and customize rewards and recognition based on their individual needs.

  7. Create a culture of autonomy.

    As employees take greater ownership of their ideas and work, they will become more productive and satisfied. Provide employees with opportunities to give input and feedback regarding projects and initiatives. Show them that their voice counts.

  8. Lead by example.

    Accountability begins with leadership. Leaders function as role models for their They should demonstrate a personal practice of obligation to the workplace and acceptance of responsibility.

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