Ask an HR Expert: Top 10 Tips for New Managers [6-10]

Hello and thank you for joining me for another episode of Ask an HR Expert. My name is Katie Stewart and I am with Tandem HR.

This is the first part of a two-part series titled Top 10 Tips for New Managers.

This video covers tips 6-10.

Tip 6: Learn how to discipline

This can be very challenging for new managers. Whether it be a performance issue you have to manager or a policy violation you need to know how to handle these difficult conversations. Until you’ve had to have one of these difficult conversations, it may be hard to understand how difficult they can be. You want to make sure that you’ve very prepared for this type of conversation. Write out your points you’d like to review with the person. Consider role-playing with someone else in preparation. Make sure you always have a witness present for these conversations. Stick to the facts. Don’t let emotions get in the way. Last, always document what was discussed in that conversation.


Tip 7: Lead by example

If you want your employees to show up every day and give their best, you need to do the same. Whatever your expectations, you should not be above doing it yourself.


Tip 8: Learn how to delegate

If you were recently promoted into a managerial role and were previously an individual contributor, it can be difficult to transition your mindset to allowing and trusting someone else to the work. The best way for your team to start trusting you as their manager is for you to trust them and for you to give them the opportunity to show off their talents and show you what they are capable of. By delegating tasks – you’re doing just that.


Tip 9: Provide feedback

In my experience as a manager and in talking to other managers, I recognize this can be most difficult for those that have not practiced this skill. This is something that has to be practiced over time. For some people, it may never really become comfortable. This can even be the case in providing positive feedback. So whether you are trying to let someone know they are doing a good job or you’re trying to provide constructive feedback, it can be really challenging to get the right words out of your mouth. Definitely take every opportunity you have to provide your employees with feedback and continually practice this skill! According to Forbes, 65% of employees want more feedback from their managers. Again, the challenge is it can be difficult for managers to give that feedback. Practice, practice, practice!


Tip 10: Be optimistic

Your employees are looking for you to set the tone in the department. You know more about what is going on in the organization, so you really need to practice looking at the bright side of every situation and providing more positive feedback than constructive feedback.


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