Are your employment policies setting your business up for social media success?

How to influence social media for a valuable business growth tool.

When used correctly, social media can be a valuable business growth tool for your organization. It’s an inexpensive and quick way to spread the word about your business to a broad audience. According to a 2017 survey published by Edison Research, 81% of U.S. residents have at least one social media profile. As new social media outlets develop, this number will only continue to grow. Bottom line? Most people are on social media, including your clients, potential clients, employees and even competitors.

While social media can significantly boost brand awareness, website traffic, and sales, it can also damage your desired brand image with negative impressions. Your clients work regularly with your employees and, for better or worse, identify them as the face of your organization. When your employees post personal information, like pictures from last weekend’s Vegas trip, ideas about a controversial cause in which they firmly believe, or a rant after an intense day, they will influence the way a client views both them and your company.

Most social media accounts are personal accounts. As an employer, what can you do?

5 Ways to Protect Your Company Image on Social Media Through Employment Policies and Best Practices:

  1. While you may not be able to stop employees from posting what they choose, you can address your concerns through a written policy in your Employee Handbook that outlines your expectations.
  2. Create company social media accounts to encourage clients to connect with your organization, instead of linking to your employees’ accounts.
  3. Give employees the right to deny a connection or friend request from a client. They can tactfully point the client to the company account.
  4. Provide a social media policy prohibiting employees from speaking on behalf of your organization. Give standard language to employees for business social networking purposes, so that you are the one driving the message.
  5. Address negative customer reviews and fix the situation to the best of your ability. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s how you handle the situation afterward that will show the true colors of your organization.

Your organization may not avoid every social media pitfall, but the above tips will guide your employees in making responsible, educated choices to help you use social media to your business advantage.

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