Successful HR Management for a Team of One

5 Tips for a Small but Successful Human Resource Management Team


Are you worried that your HR Department is stretched too thin? Maybe you’re the stretched one, operating as an HR team of one. A successful human resource management team is crucial for any business, but it’s not always about size.


We’re always researching and exploring ways for small HR teams to remain efficient. And through our research, we’ve come across plenty of pointers on how smaller HR departments can tackle just as much as their larger counterparts.


We’ve compiled our findings and came up with the top 5 tips every small but successful human resource management team should do to improve their output and processes.


1. Build Up Your Network Outside of Work

Building up your network outside of work can provide benefits for HR departments of all sizes, but especially smaller HR departments.


Meeting other HR professionals in your given field can give you insight into how their organizations are operating. Maybe they have a strategy for hiring or addressing employee conduct that you hadn’t been exposed to. These networking opportunities can in turn help you rework your approach and improve your own work efficiency.


Connect with other HR professionals on platforms like LinkedIn or get a bit daring and consider attending an HR professional conference.


2. Create & Utilize Templates

Have you found that many of your day-to-day business processes seem monotonous? No need to reinvent the wheel here! Instead, consider ways to format that work into a template.


If you build out a strong template for standard emails or internal documentation processing, it can drastically reduce the time associated with those mundane tasks.


If you can’t find the time to create and design templates, you can turn to a service like JotForm for done-for-you forms you can work into your processes.


3. Invest in Professional Organization Memberships

We can’t emphasize this one enough. Professional organizations offer a tremendous number of resources. A great organization to consider is The Society for Human Resource Management, or SHRM.


SHRM provides countless resources for its members, such as compliance resources, Ask an HR Advisor service, HR industry news, and networking opportunities. It’s like having an HR genie in your pocket. Find your local chapter and get involved for the ultimate experience. Even if you’re an HR team of one, you’ll have plenty of support to get through those moments of overwhelm (and hopefully learn how to prevent them as well).


4. Utilize Partner Relationships

Partnering with outside resources can greatly improve work efficiency, freeing up more of your day to focus on tasks that really matter. Teaming up with outside resources, such as an Employee Benefits Broker, can remove a lot of day-to-day responsibilities from your plate.


An Employee Benefits Broker can provide information and assistance on choosing different types of insurance, share compliance information, and help analyze your existing benefits packages.


5. Find The Right Partner

Contracting out specific HR responsibilities can take a lot of the less desirable day-to-day tasks off of your plate. Surprisingly, you can gain access to some phenomenal help for a reasonable price by using a third-party HR service.


Such services can provide dedicated HR management, comprehensive HR audits, help with developing a professional and lawful employee handbook, Payroll and HR administrative tasks, on-boarding and terminations services, and much more.


We recommend doing your due diligence on the front end to ensure you are selecting a reputable, quality third-party service that can offer the right services for your organization. Tandem HR offers cost-effective human resource solutions that could be perfect for helping you create a successful human resource management team, no matter its size.


Small but Mighty…Successful HR Management

With all of the different resources available for HR professionals today, there’s no reason to remain overworked or spread too thin. Grow your outside network, simplify your processes, and explore the benefits a third-party solution can provide you with.


With a few tweaks, you can be an example of a small yet successful human resource management team.


If you do not have an HR partner, Tandem HR is happy to help. Fill out the form below or give us a call today at 630-928-0510.

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