Ask An HR Expert: Day in the Life with a PEO

Today’s question is: “What does it look like on a daily basis to partner with a PEO?”

Hello and welcome to another episode of Ask An HR Expert. My name is Katie Stewart, M.A., PHR, CLRL with Tandem HR. The question we’re answering today is “What does it look like on a daily basis to partner with a PEO?”

At Tandem HR, we have what we call an ‘assigned professionals approach’. Whether your daily questions are about HR, benefits, payroll or risk management, we assign individuals that will partner with you in each of those areas. Each client that we partner with will be assigned an HR professional, a benefits team, a Payroll Specialist that they will work with each time they process payroll, as well as a Risk Manager and an Account Manager. We don’t believe in the 1-800 number service approach. We want you to personally get to know your team at Tandem HR. That way, these individuals learn your industry, culture, and get to know your managers and their personalities so they can better answer your day-to-day questions.

Now, when it comes to this person being physically on-site at your organization – it depends on your needs. We are very competent at conducting all of our services remotely. Whether that be through telephone conversations, video conferencing (through Skype), or email conversations. If a need arises though when you do need a person on-site to assist with a situation, we are always available to be on site.


What if something happens, like a sticky situation, and you are unsure what to do? Your Tandem HR Consultant is only a phone call away. We give out cell phone numbers for every individual in our organization so you can reach us anytime you need us. We also have something we call “Your Solution Center.” It is a group of individuals that are physically in our Westchester office that are available to answer any of your employees’ questions from 8 am – 5 pm CST. They’re available via live chat on our website, telephone, and email.


How often will you interact with your Tandem HR team?

This depends on your needs, but we are ready and able to interact with you whenever there are any questions. Many of our clients interact with us on a daily basis. We really hope that when we partner with an organization that we truly become an extension of your administrative team or current HR department.

I hope this episode has given you a peek into what the daily life of business with a PEO. Please join us again for Ask an HR Expert.

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