Vlog | Giving thanks to your employees and your clients

Giving thanks and showing appreciation during the holiday season.

Today I want to talk to you about giving thanks and showing appreciation to both your employees and your clients during the holiday season. I want to give you some examples of simple ways you can do this.

There is still time before the Thanksgiving holiday, and these ideas are simple.


  1. If you have a large group meeting involving many employees or maybe even a department meeting, go around the room and ask each person to give thanks to one other individual in the room. They can voice their thanksgiving for that person whether it’s something they’ve specifically done or just for being a team player.
  2. Another thing you can do is close the office early the day before a holiday. If you typically close at 5 pm, maybe announce you’re going to close at 2 pm the day before the holiday. This is a great way to allow your employees to beat rush hour traffic, get home and start getting into the holiday spirit. If they are traveling for the holidays, they can get out on the road before the rest of the crowd.
  3. Another great way to express your gratitude is to write a personal thank you note to your employees. The personal aspect will show you’ve put some thought into it. It will go a long way!

Now, what about clients or customers? One popular thing is to give out goodies this time of year. Perhaps hand-deliver those goodies, it is an excellent way to show your appreciation for their business and have some face-to-face contact. If you cannot hand-deliver, adding a handwritten, personal note goes a long way as well. If you do not have time for either of those, send a thoughtful email thanking them for the opportunity to partner with them, and let them know how much you look forward to continuing to work with them in 2018.

Thank you for continuing to watch my vlogs. I hope you all enjoy a nice holiday season!