Great Organizations Gather Employee Feedback

Exceptional Organizations Know What To Do With Employee Feedback.

Employee feedback is a great way to establish a healthy and constructive dialog between management and staff, and determine whether your employees are engaged and happy working with your organization. Gather feedback on engagement, satisfaction, management, benefit offerings and much more. Before asking for feedback, an organization should set clear expectations with employees on what will be done with that feedback, and be prepared to take action. Not taking agreed upon action will have an adverse impact on the organization. So, how can we best utilize employee feedback once it is received?


Great organizations acknowledge

Whether you’ve conducted employee surveys, personal interviews or even featured a “suggestion box,” recognize and thank your employees for their feedback promptly. Employees may have stepped outside their comfort zone to give you open and honest feedback. Acknowledging their contribution to the process will go a long way. Conversely, not recognizing or waiting too long to respond will discourage employees from sharing comments in the future.


Great organizations take action

Use employee feedback to improve company policy, procedures, or culture. If employees complain about poor management, you may consider managerial training. When minor issues, such as office temperature or lack of a microwave in the break room, are a problem – fix it! Suggestions on much bigger matters should be considered. Are you willing to take their ideas or even pieces of them to begin company improvement? Request specific, rather than general, feedback to gather enough information to improve what’s important to your employees.


Great organizations communicate change

Communicate any changes made as a direct result of employee feedback. When employees hear that their feedback is bringing about change, they will continue to provide it and will be more engaged in the process.

Receiving feedback from employees can be enlightening and beneficial to your organizational culture. To reap the maximum benefit from feedback, remember to acknowledge it, take action and communicate change. Your employees will continue to offer feedback when used constructively.


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