5 Reasons Employers Should Champion the EAP

Give them an E! Give them an A! Give them a P! Give them an EAP!

Many companies offer Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) as part of their benefits packages to attract and retain top talent. These programs offer employees a variety of resources to help them be productive contributors, such as confidential short-term counseling, assistance locating everyday resources and services, and access to no-cost financial and legal consultations. Unfortunately, many EAPs are underutilized due to lack of ongoing education and communication regarding these services. Employers have a number of really great reasons to champion their employee assistance program on a continual basis.

Here are our top 5 reasons:

Reason #1: Increase productivity
Many of the resources provided by an EAP can facilitate increased productivity by providing access to solutions to tough problems that employees might otherwise bring to work with them. Third party confidential counseling can prove extremely helpful for concerns like relationship and family issues, stress, emotional concerns and workplace conflict. EAP specialists refer resources such as elder-care or childcare providers, home maintenance workers, dog sitters, and more to your employees (who, let’s face it, may be researching on work time). Legal and financial consultation can also provide peace of mind, allowing your employees to better focus on their work.

Reason #2: Save time and money
Employees can save both time and money by taking advantage of a host of resources and services provided by the EAP. Creating and following a clear road map to solving personal concerns saves both wasted time and money searching for answers.

Reason #3:  Improve managerial skills
Most EAPs typically offer leadership and managerial skills training in a variety of ways, including online resources like webinars and pre-recorded video training. Use this resource to improve your current managers’ skills and help groom high performers for future management positions.

Reason #4:  Retain valuable employees
We all know that retaining a valued employee is far less costly than hiring a new one. Even your most valuable employees will occasionally have personal difficulties that impact their work. We’re all human after all! Getting an employee ‘back on track’ by providing a means for the employee to privately manage difficulties can lead to improved performance. Most people are loyal to those who value them.

Reason #5:  It’s good for business
Showing employees that you care about their well being by offering robust employee benefits packages that include services such as an employee assistance program is good for business. Promoting these benefits to your employees reminds them of the benefits of working for your organization.

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