Improving Your Employee Experience

Employee Experience.

We highly encourage a read of this brief article titled Why The Future of Work is All About the Employee Experience published by Forbes in May 2015, which articulates several interesting points in this ever-increasingly popular topic. Similar to the more familiar term customer experience, how the employee interacts with your organization throughout the entire employee life-cycle is referred to as the employee experience.

Much like marketing and sales teams traditionally develop and continually improve the customer experience to grow revenue, human resources (HR) and leadership should focus on the employee experience in order to compete for and retain skilled talent.

This article discloses why. Organizations have always assumed that they can create a place where they assumed people needed to work there and are now realizing that they must create a place where people want to work there. What an interesting shift that forces leaders to focus on ways to improve the general workplace experience and culture – not an easy feat.

There are many components that come together to create a positive employee experience. Consider everything from your hiring practices to professional development opportunities, job flexibility, variety in work responsibilities and even your general workplace culture. Does every aspect of working for your organization come together to create a positive experience?

Fascinating that the author also recognizes that the employee experience dilemma is not going to be solved the same way by every organization. As the articles indicates, what works for Google may not work for your organization and vice versa. So, how can you better understand your current employee experience in order to strategically improve it?

Larger companies may have the advantage with in-house human resource departments and large leadership teams. If you own or work for a small or mid-size business looking to compete in this area, consider partnering with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO).

Tandem HR is a Chicago area PEO that assists hundreds of small and mid-sized businesses create exceptional workplaces. They also help clients save time and money while growing their business by taking on the administrative tasks associated with human resources, benefits, payroll, tax administration, regulatory compliance and risk management.

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