Ask An HR Expert: How Can I Engage Remote Employees?

Hello! My name is Katie Stewart and welcome to Ask An HR Expert where we answer any of your HR questions. Today’s question is: How can I engage remote employees?

3 Tips to Engage Remote Employees

Tip #1

Make sure you are intentional in your program design. Your program design should have remote workers in mind. What works for co-located teams may not work for a remote workforce. When I was doing research regarding this topic, I came across a study that was conducted in 2011 by On Point Consulting. They looked at a large number of successful remote teams to find commonalities. What they found were 5 areas, and they represent them with the acronym – RAMPP.

  • Relationships – It’s very important to keep a remote workforce engaged. Consider how you are growing and maintaining relationships with these employees.
  • Accountability – It can be challenging to keep someone accountable that you do not see on a regular basis. What processes and programs do you have in place to showcase their efforts and hold them accountable?
  • Motivation – When you are not located in the same physical location as an employee, how do you know when they are motivated on a regular basis? Look for different ways that you can keep people connected. This will help you in this area.
  • Purpose – Create a sense of purpose for remote workers, so they feel tied to the overall mission of the organization and to other teams.
  • Process – Have great processes in place for your remote teams. Educate people about them and follow them on a regular basis.

Tip #2

Pay attention to your recruiting processes for remote workers. What makes a person successful in working remote is not going to be a ‘lone wolf’ personality. It’s going to be someone who thrives in team environments and looks for collaboration. They’re going to seek out those opportunities even when they are remote.

Tip #3

Make sure you have the right manager in place. The manager should be comfortable communicating with all forms of technology and have experience managing remote employees.

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