Obamacare: The Real Impact on the Business Community


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) popularly referred to as Obamacare, is a law governing how health insurance is issued in the US. Consisting of a whopping 20,000+ pages of regulations, this law has many business owners dazed and confused.

Tandem HR, an HR outsourcing solution, has dedicated staff to keeping up with the employment laws as they change in order to keep hundreds of its small to mid-sized business clients compliant.

“We’re finding many business owners don’t have the time or desire to comb through and interpret these new regulations,” said Compliance Manager, Greg Foss. “It’s affecting small and large businesses in different areas and different ways depending on their size, ownership structure, employee mix, average annual wages and benefits package.”

Six years later, what are the effects of Obamacare on American businesses?  The table below highlights what we are seeing in corporate America over the past few years in several major areas of impact.


If you’re a small or midsize business executive struggling to keep up with Affordable Care Act or other employment laws, call Tandem HR today to learn more about how we can help at 630.928.0510 or fill out the form and one of our Business Development Managers will contact you.

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