8 Onboarding Tips for Setting New Hires Up for Success

Onboarding Tips.

Onboarding is the process of helping a new hire adjust to the social and performance aspects of their new job. The more quickly and smoothly this transition occurs often times makes a measurable difference in the employee’s success in their new position. According to the Wynhurst Group, a Washington D.C. based executive coaching and consulting firm, 22% of staff turnover occurs in the first 45 days of employment. Furthermore, new employees who went through a structured onboarding program were 58% more likely to remain with an organization after three years.

It makes sense right? I mean imagine for a second that you are beginning the day in a brand new position at a new company. How would you feel if your employer were not ready for you or seemed disorganized? What if your training was inadequate or you generally did not feel the employer was invested in your success?

Following are 8 ideas for making the onboarding process a positive experience, ensuring a quicker and smoother transition for everyone.

  1. Expectations
    Give the new hire information in advance of their arrival. Let them know what to expect on the first day. What time should they arrive? Who should they ask for? What door should they use? Will your department be taking them out to a lunch or is there an area to store a home-brought lunch? What is the dress code? Knowing as much in advance will help ease the minds of a newcomer and allow them to start their day with more confidence.
  2. Training schedule
    Develop a well thought out training schedule for your new employee. Take the time to think through a logical sequence of meetings, trainings and knowledge transfer. Setting up sessions in advance will minimize down time and ensure a good momentum.
  3. Work station
    Set up the employee’s work station with basic office supplies and technology in advance of their arrival. Even if you prefer the employee pick their own supplies, a notebook and pen will be helpful for immediate note taking.
  4. The 411
    Print out helpful information and have it sitting at their work station. Things like an organization chart, seating chart or instructions on logging into any shared drives will help the employee get started quicker with less questions.
  5. Guided tour
    Conduct a tour of the office or your facilities. Include all areas the employee will have access to and don’t leave out the important places like breakrooms and restrooms!
  6. Introductions
    While you’re on the tour, introduce key people in the organization. Even if the new hire will not work directly with the individuals, it is nice to recognize and be recognized when in a new environment.
  7. Encourage feedback
    Build opportunities for soliciting feedback immediately and encourage them to share new ideas. New employees may be hesitant when not encouraged to do so.  Conduct a 90 day new hire review that allows for candid feedback to and from the employee.
  8. Welcome gift
    Consider a welcome gift.  It can be as small as a welcome balloon floating in the employee’s office space or a complete welcome gift basket. Have some swag around with the company logo? This is the perfect time to use it!

Welcoming new employees in a friendly, organized and professional way is key to their success – which ultimately leads to your success! Taking the time to do it right will be time well invested.

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