Is Outsourcing HR Irresponsible?

I happen to outsource many items, like dry cleaning, home repairs, lawn care and the education of my children. I will admit that some things on my outsourcing list are hassles, but the reality in all cases is that my outsourcing partner will simply do a better job. In fact, I would say that wrinkle-free shirts, leak-free plumbing, weed-free lawns, and intelligent kids are important enough to me that I have partnered with the best-outsourced providers – and I was not on that list of best providers.

The lawn care outsourcing option nagged at me – what kind of a guy doesn’t mow his own lawn? I know how, am pretty detail-oriented, and have been mowing since I was 8 years old. Even though I have noticed more of my neighbors getting their lawns mowed by someone else, I felt some guilt – until about 30 minutes into my lawn getting mowed by someone else. Wow! What a game-changer. My weekends have a very different feel since offloading that responsibility. My backyard has those cool cross-hatch patterns in it – like Wrigley Field’s outfield. With my added time, I spend more time with the kids, watch the game, and get through my “Honey Do” list with time to spare.

Are you against the idea of adopting one of the fastest-developing HR business service models, based on a misunderstanding?

Let’s agree on a few things first:
  1. For a larger and larger majority of businesses, employees really are a company’s greatest asset.
  2. Taking care of employee’s needs is an essential part of every company ultimately achieving their mission.
  3. A company culture that values its employees tends to outperform in its market/industry.

The misunderstanding that some business leaders have is that when an outside provider meets employees’ needs, items 1,2 and 3 have been disregarded. They believe they have chosen some impersonal process in their family-oriented culture.  That’s simply untrue.  Among other benefits, outsourcing HR functions results in better employee care. For a company to purchase their own systems, invest in the personnel with knowledge and experience to cover all the bases, and always staff for the busiest times of year is unrealistic and ineffective. Outsourced partners are almost always the best solution.

I’m not implying that making the outsourcing move is as easy as hiring a crew to care for your lawn. Customizing a solution to fit your business needs is an important decision.

Your outsourcing partner needs to spend time understanding your culture, values, and vision so your solution ultimately enhances your culture.

If it is impossible in your mind to get better results and support for your people than they now receive, read no further. Otherwise, consider talking with some of your fellow business leaders about the improvements they have seen since outsourcing their HR.

Tandem HR, John Valle

Contributed by John Valle
Business Development Manager
Tandem HR

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