The Illinois Secure Choice Act: What you need to know

To motivate Illinoisians to save for their future and prepare for retirement, Illinois passed a state-mandated retirement savings program, otherwise known as The Illinois Secure Choice Act. Businesses with 5-15 employees in Illinois have until November 1st, 2023, to comply with this law. Illinois businesses with 16+ employees have already passed the deadline to implement a 401(k) program.

The time to act for The Illinois Secure Choice Act is now.

Learn how to remain compliant and avoid fines in our webinar – The Illinois Secure Choice Plan: Options for Small Businesses to Remain Compliant as our speakers discuss:

  1. The law explained
  2. Importance of 401(k) plans
  3. Options for compliance
  4. Pooled Employer Plan option vs. state run plans
  5. Benefits of outsourcing
  6. Encouraging 401(k) plan participation

It’s vital to stay compliant. To discuss setting up a retirement program for your employees, contact our team at 630-928-0510 or submit our consultation request form.