Fostering Wellness In The Workplace: 5 Wellness Activities For Groups

What separates a desirable workplace from its sinking counterparts?

One primary factor that attracts and retains top-tier employees is the feeling that they are highly valued at their company. For employees, value is greater than an excellent salary and job title—it’s based on an organization’s inclusive approach to each of their employees’ overall well-being.

Obviously, wellness is a very nuanced concept—it is crucial for a healthy, collaborative work environment, but many wellness activities can be uncomfortable for people with different lifestyles and health levels. For this reason, some of the most desirable companies offer their employees options for both onsite and offsite workplace wellness programs.

To figure out what set of programs would work best for your company, it is essential that you understand what these programs specifically are and how effective they can be.


Here are five great inclusive wellness activities for the workplace that are accessible for all.


1| Onsite Massage Therapy

Many tech companies that deal with competitive deadlines and long working weeks have reported that having an onsite massage therapist tremendously benefits both employees and their managers. Rather than taking the time to leave the office and book a massage consultation, an employee can take short wellness breaks a short distance away from their workstation and be refreshed and revived.

Some companies also go so far as to hire a massage therapist as their permanent staff. Including a massage therapist in the talent pool not only offers obvious physical relief but also helps boost morale.


2| In-House Fitness Centers

Much like the onsite massage therapist, in-house fitness centers offer employees a chance to improve their physical health without leaving the workplace. Nonetheless, this employee health benefit is usually ideal for more autonomous company culture.

The idea is to build a sense of belonging with a reasonably independent schedule—employers can choose to hit the fitness center before they come to work, during their lunch break, or even after hours.


3| Healthy Food Onsite

If your company has a cafeteria or smaller break rooms like a dedicated kitchen, consider promoting healthy eating by providing nutritious snacks and menu items. Your employees will enjoy a tasteful array of healthy food options instead of potato chips and sugary drinks. Nevertheless, the offerings don’t have to be bland, given the chef or person in charge of stocking the break room feels like experimenting with different kinds of treats and drinks.


4| Diet and Exercise Challenges

Workplace wellness programs that revolve around diet and exercise are fantastic for encouraging healthy competition among coworkers. It also promotes team-building. Essentially, these kinds of challenges encourage your employees to complete specific health and fitness goals during a set period of time. The team that sticks most successfully to the goals typically receives an incentive or other reward.

The fitness goals can range anywhere from walking a specific number of steps each day to completing a specific number of workouts per week. Nonetheless, it is essential that you ensure these programs aren’t mandatory.  It should be orchestrated with a sense of fun, and no one should be shamed or made to feel physically inadequate.


5| Mental Health Benefits

Mental health benefits are perhaps the most crucial of all workplace wellness programs. One of the most common ways to deliver mental health benefits is to engage an Employee Assistance Program or EAP. This allows employees (and typically their family members) to seek help for behavioral or emotional concerns in a confidential and affordable way. This can be vital support to your organization.

If an employee is dealing with issues related to stress, workplace anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions, having supportive programs in place that match employees to self-assessment tests, qualified physicians, and other forms of help will significantly improve employee health.


Building a health-focused work environment doesn’t have to be expensive. When put together strategically, the rewards will far outweigh the costs. Ensure your managers and other business leaders walk the walk and encourage employees to follow their lead into a healthier, happier, and more productive workspace.


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