Ask An HR Expert: Employee Reference Request

Today’s question is – How do you respond to an employee reference request? Hi everyone my name is Stella Terry with Tandem HR. Read More

Fun Team Building Activities that Build Up Your Business

10 Affordable & Fun Team Building Activities There are benefits to be enjoyed when your business takes the time to develop its employees. Read More

Ask An HR Expert: How Do I Impact Millennial Turnover?

How do I impact millennial turnover in my workforce? My name is Katie Stewart with Tandem HR. Welcome to “Ask An HR Expert” Read More

Mindfulness at Work – Does It Make a Difference?

5 Ways to Practice Mindfulness at Work Do you practice mindfulness at work? Do you focus on the present task or does your Read More

Discover the Benefits of Continuous Performance Feedback

What are the benefits of continuous performance feedback? Imagine if friends or couples only checked in with each other once a year. Would Read More

Top 10 Reasons to Partner with a PEO

A Professional Employer Organization, or PEO, provides small and mid-sized business with payroll, benefits, and HR services for improved productivity and profitability. It Read More

4 Myths About HR Outsourcing

HR outsourcing can be a strange concept to business executives who are unaware of the intricacies of this type of partnership. However, when Read More

Top 10 Employee Benefits You Should Consider Offering

Employee benefits can make or break your work atmosphere. If you offer the bare minimum, your top employees are almost certain to check Read More

Allowing Employees to Make Mistakes – 3 Myths Managers Should Know

Allowing Employees to Make Mistakes If you work as a manager, supervisor, or in another leadership position, you may think part of your Read More

Unique Employee Development Opportunities Management Should Embrace

Employee Development Opportunities. Employees expect learning opportunities at work. In fact, over half of employees say they would take advantage of educational opportunities Read More

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